Adventist Health and Rideout Financial Assistance Programs

The following information may be beneficial if you are uninsured, or expect a large balance due after the insurance payment.

This information only applies to hospital services provided by Adventist Health and Rideout Memorial Hospital and Adventist Health and Rideout Regional Medical Center (Hospital). Other providers such as physicians, anesthesiologists, ambulance services, may bill you separately for services they provide.

Uninsured patients will receive a detailed billing of services provided by the Hospital.

Please contact Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910 or (800) 593-1551 if you have any discrepancies or questions about your bill, or wish to make a payment by telephone.

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

FAP Providers

Discount Payment Policy

The Hospital offers a Discount Payment Plan. If an uninsured patient's family income is at or below 350% of the Federal Poverty Level based on family size, the patient's bill may be reduced. This generally represents a sizable discount for the patient.

An insured patient with family income at or below 350% of the current Federal Poverty Level based on family size, and having high out-of-pocket medical expenses may also qualify for a discount.

To apply and qualify for either discount, a completed Financial Assistance application needs to be reviewed and approved by the Hospital. The Financial Assistance applications and copies of the Discount Payment Plan policy may be requested by contacting Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910 or the Hospital's Financial Counselors.

Financial Assistance

The Hospital offers a Financial Assistance Program. If a patient's family income is at or below 200% of the current Federal Poverty Level based on family size, or if the amount owed exceeds certain income limits, the patient may be eligible for full or partial financial assistance. Financial assistance is a final option after all other payor sources have been denied. Contact Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910 for a Financial Assistance application and/or a copy of the Financial Assistance policy.

Payment Options

  • Medi-Cal & CMSP Programs:
    The Hospital is a provider for Medi-Cal, CMSP, Victim Compensation Program, and other State funded programs. If you think that you may qualify for State or County aid, contact the Welfare Department in your county of residence for applications and assistance. If supplies are available, the Hospital will provide applications for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families.
  • Community Service Discounts:
    The Hospital offers Community Service discounts on accounts that are paid in full, less discount. The Community Service discount may not be used in addition to other available discount options. The discount may not apply to small balances, insurance deductibles or co-payment amounts. Contact Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910, for more details and information regarding this option.
  • Payment Plans:
    The Hospital offers short term zero interest payment plans if payment arrangements are made with the Patient Financial Services Department. The payment amount and term depend upon the initial balance owed. Contact Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910 for more details.

Patients may be eligible for one or more of these options, and we encourage every patient that believes they have a financial need to apply.

While in the hospital if you have billing questions or would like to discuss your hospital account, please ask for the Financial Counselors. After discharge, please contact, Patient Financial Services at (530) 740-1910, or visit 614 J Street, Marysville, CA. Normal Patient Financial Services office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.