Rideout Regional Overview

Our Vision

Since 1907, Rideout Health has been committed to quality healthcare. It's been that way ever since a remarkable woman from a pioneering California family, Phebe Rideout, donated her family's Marysville mansion for a public hospital.

The 4,000-square-foot home at the corner of Fifth and E Streets was transformed into a hospital that grew over the course of a century into a multi-faceted healthcare organization serving patients throughout our Northern California region.

For the past five years, along with fulfilling its mission to deliver quality care to our community, Rideout Health has been focused on realizing its vision of a regional medical center, offering advanced medicine and a full continuum of healthcare services.

Cost controls, increased efficiencies, quality score improvements, technology investments, and recruiting the best and brightest medical professionals, have all played a part in the pursuit of this vision. Much hard work by many has taken us a giant step closer to making that vision a reality.

Our recent construction has expanded the footprint and facilities of the Rideout campus in Marysville, which now occupies six square blocks of this historic city. Completed phases have doubled the size of our renowned Rideout Cancer Center, a partnership with UC Davis Health System, and significantly expanded our Emergency Department, a Level III trauma center and base hospital for emergency services in the region.

2017 saw the culmination of this significant expansion program with the opening of the Rideout Regional Medical Center (RRMC), a new six-level hospital building connected to the current Rideout structure, and a rooftop Heliport for Life Flight operations.

In 2018 the California Office of Attorney General approved the transition of Rideout Health’s assets to Adventist Health, including the 219 bed Rideout Regional Medial, an acute care hospital; the Rideout Cancer Center, which is affiliated with the University of California, Davis; outpatient clinics and a host of ancillary services including senior living services located throughout the Yuba-Sutter County. The deal officially closed on April 1, 2018

Rideout Health is now doing business as Adventist Health and Rideout as approved by the Attorney General

Rideout Regional Medical Center

Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center

The Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center is designed for the care and comfort of both patients and families. It has the latest in hospital design efficiency, comfortable private rooms, family areas and a garden terrace.

The Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center provides a modern, state-of-the-art healthcare facility to serve the populations of Sutter and Yuba counties and the outlying region.

The expanded hospital building is a six-story 220,000-square-foot facility with emergency helicopter access on the roof. The building and its mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are designed to remain functional in the event of a disaster.

Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center offers private rooms, an advanced imaging/radiology suite, expanded emergency room services, Miss Southern's Memorial Café and other amenities. Each floor has primary nurses stations near patients and family respite areas for the care, comfort and privacy of families.

Services include:

  • Level III Emergency Department, Trauma Center and STEMI Receiving Center
  • The Heart Center at Adventist Health and Rideout
  • State-of-the-art General, Endovascular and Cardiac Surgery Suites
  • Technologically Advanced Imaging and Radiation Services
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Medical/Surgical Suites
  • The Family Birthing Center
    Well-Baby Nursing
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Entry Pavillion

Entry Pavillion

First Floor, Entry Pavillion

Featuring a two-story lobby, Gift Shop, Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services, Non-Invasive Diagnostic Services, Miss Southern's Memorial Café, Materials Management, Dock and Expanded Emergency Services

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

Sophisticated diagnostic imaging technology valued at tens of millions of dollars -- but priceless in terms of patient care -- has been installed, strategically located between the emergency and trauma departments for fast turnaround. The new equipment is the most advanced available -- and includes

  • 2 new ultrafast CT scanners capable of imaging an entire organ in a single pass
  • New state of the art MRI machine
  • Portable and fixed digital X-ray systems that produce higher resolution images with lower radiation exposures
  • Ultrasound systems that provide unmatched image quality and shorter exam times
  • Two nuclear medicine cameras

Medical Surgical Care

Medical/Surgical Care

As the population of our region continues to grow, the number of patients needing medical treatment is also growing. Adventist Health and Rideout recognizes its unique responsibility to meet the increasing demand for primary and specialty care, where patients of all kinds can receive quality treatment close to home.


New Building:

Hybrid Cardiac Cath Lab

10 Preparation and Recovery Bays

Hospital Cardiology Diagnostic Services

20 Medical/Surgical Beds

2 Room Endoscopy Suite; Interventional Radiology

Existing Building:

2 Central PACU

Post Anesthesia Care Unit

OR Waiting Area


New Building:

36 Private Medical/Surgical Beds

Telemetry Nursing Unit

Existing Building: ICU – Intensive Care Unit; ICU Waiting Area

Our new acute and critical care rooms were carefully designed to enhance the patient experience by emphasizing comfort, safety and quality of care.

Each single-bed room has separate zones for patients, family and staff. The patient zone offers a comfortable seating area and amenities such as a flat-screen television. Large windows offer expansive views and plenty of natural light.

Maternity Service Unit

Well Baby Nursery and Maternity Service Unit


Our beautiful new, Well Baby Nursery and Maternity Unit on floors four and five are designed to maximize the comfort and safety of moms and babies, and the convenience of patients and family members.

New Building:

  • 26 bed Mother Baby unit. (All private)
  • 15 Bassinets - Well-baby Nursery
  • 6 bed Special Care Nursery (NICU) Beds

Existing Building:

Cardiovascular Critical Care

Cardiovascular Critical Care


  • 12 Labor & Delivery rooms
  • 2 C Section OR's
  • Ante Partum Testing Unit
  • 4 Exam Rooms (for Triage)
  • Physician Lounge & Sleep Rooms

Rideout Regional Garden

Respite Areas

At Adventist Health and Rideout, we have always known that treating illness and injury requires more than performing surgeries or dispensing medicine. Healthcare involves providing a comfortable environment and caring for the emotional well-being of patients. There are respite areas on every floor of the new Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center and our outdoor patio and garden have been designed to create a beautiful, open and friendly environment for patients and their families.

Emergency Expansion


Adventist Health and Rideout's emergency department is the only full-service emergency and trauma facility in Yuba, Sutter, Colusa and southern Butte counties and one of only 45 trauma centers in the entire state of California.


Adds 5,000 Square Feet to the existing 12,000 Square Feet. - 13 Multi-use ED/Observation Beds - Two Exam Rooms in Rapid Care - Additional Triage Room


The expansion of the emergency department into the Adventist Health and Rideout Medical Center building adds approximately 3,000 -square-feet and 5 additional beds for a total of 48 treatment bays when the new building opens.