Be a Force for Good:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the point of an associate giving program?

  • Be a Force for Good allows every member of the Adventist Health and Rideout family to help support our mission, patients and community through personal financial contributions.
  • Because every dollar makes a difference! Your gift goes directly to the area of your choice.
  • Because it’s easy! Enroll in payroll deduction and let us take care of the rest.
  • Because it’s your opportunity to support projects that impact your own workplace and the people we serve every day.

Q: How can I give?

A: Simple! You can give once or recurring gift through payroll deduction. You can also make a one-time gift by cash, check or debit/credit card. Payroll deduction can be done online HERE. You can also submit a Payroll Deduction Form that can be found HERE.

Q: How do I submit my payroll form?

A: You can submit your signed form via email (, intercampus or mail to:

Rideout Foundation
414 G. Street #130
Attn: Be a Force for Good

Q: When should I give?

A: You can participate anytime throughout the year – not just during the annual campaign.

Q: How much should I give?

A: Choosing to give is an important and personal decision. What might be an appropriate gift will be different from person to person. We have several giving options available. You can choose to give through payroll deduction or you can give once via cash, check, or credit card.

Q: Are my gifts tax-deductible?

A: Yes, they certainly are! Your receipt will be mailed to you at the end of the calendar year. Your charitable giving is also reflected on your W-2 form.

Q: I already give so much of my time, why should I contribute financially?

The care and service you provide daily is critical in delivering our mission of living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. Making a voluntary philanthropic contribution is another important way to be a force for good and strengthen our hospital, clinics, programs and the health of the community.

Q: What if I already give through payroll deductions before Be a Force for Good was established?

A: THANK YOU for continued years of support. It is because of yourgenerosity that we established Be a Force for Good and you are automatically considered part of our Be a Force for Good family. Let us know if you would like to change your amount or direct your support to another area anytime.

Q: Can I make my gift anonymously?

A: Yes, the Rideout Foundation gladly accepts anonymous gifts and will protect the anonymity of any donor who requests it.

Q: What happens if I switch hiring entities (example: Adventist Health and Rideout to JLL)? Does my deduction carry over?

A: No, just like your other deductions, your payroll deduction will need to be resubmitted. Please send a new form with your new entity information to our office.

Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

A: Call the Foundation at ext. 4070 or email us at

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