As the leading healthcare organization in the region, Adventist Health and Rideout depends on the support of former patients and their families who received the best, most compassionate care possible. We also know that patients care about their caregivers. That’s why we created Guardian Angels, a grateful patient program where you can make a gift to the Rideout Foundation and honor a physician or staff member who helped make your stay at Adventist Health and Rideout easier.

Since the program's launch, over 50 Adventist Health and Rideout physicians, nurses, staff members, and volunteers have been honored by patient donations through Guardian Angels!

GUARDIAN ANGEL. Make a Gift to Honor A Caregiver

When you make a gift, you have the opportunity to send a message to a caregiver who made your stay more comfortable. Honorees are given a lapel pin and the patient-donor comments about them are shared with the honoree in front of their peers. Your recognition will let them know that their dedication did not go unnoticed and will inspire them.

Gifts may be of any amount, directed to any area (or "area of greatest need"), and specified in honor of any AHRO team member who had a positive impact on a patient's experience.


Guardian Angel Honorees

  • Dr. David Ang
  • Jorge Arroyo
  • Dr. Paul Bains
  • Dr. Narinder Bajwa
  • Dr. Jagdeep Bal
  • Dr. Alison Barrow
  • Dr. Dennis Bechini
  • Angelica Bennette, RN
  • Dr. Yash Brar
  • Wendy Buck, RN
  • Dr. James Calabrese
  • Becky Christensen, RN
  • Christina Coronado, RN
  • Dr. Davinder Dhillon
  • Kamalpreet Dosanjh
  • Dr. Chi Du
  • Pam Enns, RN
  • Julie Estes, RN
  • Dr. Michael Fahey
  • Dr. Karandir Grewal
  • Dr. Patrick Griffeth
  • Dr. Wenchiang Han
  • Dr. Karen Hong
  • Dr. Jasbir Kang
  • Katherine Willing, RN
  • Parva Loeblein, RN
  • Dr. Hector Lopez
  • Dr. Keith McAfee
  • Connie Morton, RN
  • Dr. William Nakashima
  • Dr. Pamela Oster
  • Mariveth Petty, RN
  • Carli Pruitt, RN
  • Jennifer Rice, RN
  • Dr. Gemma Saracen
  • Vivian Tuekpe, RN
  • Zachary Webb
  • Melissa Westgate, RN
  • Sherrill Wunder, RN

Honor Your Guardian Angel
To recognize the health care provider who made a difference in your visit or stay, go to Guardian Angel

For More Information Contact
Rideout Foundation
(530) 751-4070