Grateful Patient Experiences

Hear stories from patients who have benefited from the care at Adventist Health and Rideout

Al's Story

Al's Story"If you’ve never been diagnosed with cancer you don’t have any idea what its like when you have a thirteen year old daughter at home for whom you are the sole caregiver."

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The Petty Family's Story

Petty Family Grateful PatientOn the birth of their first daughter Mariah, "There was a scary moment she wasn’t breathing when she came out and then they just went to work on her and then luckily we heard her start crying. It was comforting."

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Daryl's Story

Daryl Rodgers Grateful Patient "I’m a five-year survivor of open-heart surgery. When I went to Rideout they said I was 98% blocked on my heart. They didn’t figure that they could do anything for me - but they did."

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Angela's Story

Angela's Story"Being diagnosed with cancer brings up immediate fear. All of the staff here at Adventist Health Rideout Cancer center have a way of calming your fears...They just have a way with words that make you feel like you're gonna be okay."

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