Awards and Recognitions

The Rideout Health Foundation has about 140+ volunteers to help with different activities, committees and governance. We couldn't do it without them – they are the backbone of our organization. Despite very busy professional and personal lives, they find time to support the Foundation and various Rideout Health programs. To conclude our program this evening, we'd like to show some love and give some, some extra attention this year.

Tamara Vargas receiving her award for Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year: TAMARA VARGAS

That Rideout Spirit can be found by both community and employee volunteers, and we think Tamara Vargas, exemplifies that spirit!

Tamara has worked for Rideout Health since November 1999. First, as a CNA at The Fountains for five years and then as the activity coordinator there. She learned our Social Service coordinator was going to retire—so she completed her education and prepared herself to become a Social Service Coordinator.

In 2008 she earned two titles: Social Service Coordinator and Activity Coordinator.

Soon after, she was the only Social Service Coordinator and now was in charge of teeth, toes, glasses, clothes and all social needs and anything else that doesn't fit in another category.

In Spring 2012 she added overseeing the Admission/Discharge department to her repertoire.

Tamara was nicknamed by one of our residents as Glamor Puss and she is self-described as organized, (although she has come to work wearing two different shoes before).

Everyone loves Tamara's great English accent—the Cat Deely of The Fountains. And, she is a great team player.

She is a "Jacquelyn" of all trades—ensuring all of the TV's work, the furniture is where it should be, the offices are painted, the teeth are glued, and the glasses are repaired.

She happily volunteers for off campus projects and when she is asked to do something she gets it done.

Her supervisor, Emma Nelson, would like to clone her—and so would we!

Tamara volunteers her time for Foundation events and fundraisers and is always cheerful and dependable. She is a people person and has a can do attitude!

The past two years, Tamara stepped up as team captain for the local Alzheimer's Association walk/run fundraiser, representing Rideout Health, to help people with a disease that she sees affect patients and their families on a regular basis. She is an inspiration to our organization and to our community.

Physician of the Year: Royce Calhoun, MD wearing a suit with a purple shirt and purple paisley tie

Physician of the Year: Royce Calhoun, MD

The physicians and surgeons affiliated with our hospitals and clinics are a skilled and compassionate group and each year we honor one among them who is widely-regarded as well—especially exceptional. This year's physician of the year gives of his time and knowledge not only to serve patients, but … to help support lung cancer awareness.

We have a new spelling for the word "passion" around here … C.A.L.H.O.U.N.

Whew! Spend a minute or two with this whirling dervish and "soldier for lung cancer awareness" … and you will be exhausted—BUT PUMPED-UP—about saving the lives of people who are afflicted with lung cancer.

On August 28, 2012, Dr. Royce Calhoun joined us as the director of the Rideout Thoracic Clinic. Royce is a dynamic, pioneering surgeon and a wonderful addition to our team of physicians who are breaking ground in a variety of specialty medicine services right here at home.

Royce adds another, vital dimension to the specialty care offered by the outstanding group of physicians practicing at our new Rideout Clinics.

Last November, Royce and his "Posse"—Jessica and the two Kristen's—partnered with us to establish The Lung Cancer Survivor Celebration where more than one-hundred patients from around our region—and as far as the Oregon border—joined us to whoop-it-up—to share their stories of survival—and to learn more about new minimally-invasive technologies developed to detect lung cancers and surgeries which broaden survival rates. Next month we're hosting the 2 nd Annual Lung Cancer Survivor Celebration, where we're expecting more than 200 people—survivors and their families.

In January 2014, Royce helped spearhead the effort to bring a new procedure called Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (a mouthful I know) to our region! ENB offers patients a minimally-invasive option to locate, enable biopsy and plan treatment for a spot detected deep in the lung. This unique outpatient procedure may increase the chances that a patient will safely get diagnosis and begin treatment, if needed.

Royce is a proponent of early screening via chest CT's to detect lung cancer early and has helped ensure that screenings are available HERE and that they are AFFORDABLE. So … if you are 55 years or older—and have had a significant smoking history—even if you have quit—talk to your doctor about getting a screening. It could save your life.

Just a few months ago, the Rideout Health Foundation, with Royce, set up a restricted fund specifically for the purpose of supporting the Rideout Thoracic Oncology Program where 100% of donations received will support the program. Thanks to grateful patients and other benefactors, this fund has already raised $25,500.

Thank You Guardian Angels

We'd also like to recognize all the GUARDIAN ANGELS who were honored by their patients this past year. Donations were made to the Foundation in recognition of their exceptional care.

  • Dr. David Ang
  • Dr. Narinder Bajwa
  • Dr. Jagdeep Bal
  • Dr. Yash Brar
  • Dr. James Calabrese
  • Dr. Davinder Dhillon
  • Dr. Chi Du
  • Dr. Michael Fahey
  • Dr. Karanbir Grewal
  • Dr. Patrick Griffith
  • Dr. Jasbir Kang
  • Dr. Hector Lopez
  • Dr. William Nakashima
  • Dr. Pamela Oster
  • Dr. Gemma Saracen
  • Katherine Willing, RN

Thank You Physician Contributors, 2014

  • Dr. Lea Abia
  • Dr. Frank W. Armbrust
  • Dr. Paul Bains
  • Dr. Philip Bernstein
  • Dr. Floyd Burton
  • Dr. Royce Calhoun
  • Dr. Merlyn Carver
  • Dr. Hugo Chan
  • Dr. Ken Chow
  • Dr. Jaime Curtis
  • Dr. Daniel Dorsey
  • Dr. Ashraf Ekdawy
  • Dr. John Fisher
  • Dr. Christopher Genobaga
  • Dr. Patrick Griffith
  • Dr. Jerry Gross
  • Dr. Baron Harper
  • Dr. David Harrison
  • Dr. Jackson Lim
  • Dr. Susan Lott
  • Dr. G. Andrew Macbeth
  • Dr. Alexandra Reichman
  • Dr. Robert Ripley
  • Dr. Naomi Shieh
  • Dr. Douglas Tolley

Our community is truly blessed with gifted and generous physicians.

Community Service of the Year: Jacque Dake and Amanda Blanchard receiving their awards

Community Service of the Year: Jacque Dake and Amanda Blanchard

Contributions to the Foundation and to Rideout Health's programs and facilities come in many forms: Funds, Time, Expertise, Ideas, Networking, Enthusiasm.—and sometimes in —MAD DANCE SKILLS!

And, each year, we take this opportunity to recognize people who have given in extra measure.

This year's honorees for Community Service goes to two fantastic ladies who have a passion for dance, for kids and for community!

Watch carefully at any musical, talent show, recital and say … ANY CRAZY FUNDRAISING DANCE THING … that your foundation can come up with … and you will see the strong influence of Jacque Dake and Amanda Blanchard.

These two dynamo's have taught dance to thousands of young people in our community– and have won many regional and West Coast dance competitions and conventions thanks to their crack team of Jacque's Dance Expressions competition dancers.

But, in-between, they have found time to help us—The Rideout Health Foundation. Not only have they participated as dance pros in our Dance With Our Stars fundraiser—but they have volunteered their time and expertise to choreograph and train many of our dance couples. They also help us organize the event, ensuring that it comes off as a flawless and an entertaining spectacle to behold.

Philanthropist of the Year: Victor Fernandez receiving his award

Philanthropist of the Year: Victor Fernandez

Victor is the General Manager of Colusa Casino Resort since 2008. He recently joined the Rideout Health Foundation Board of Directors, but even before officially joining our team, his leadership, generosity and his kindness -- which goes hand-in-hand with the mission of the Colusa Indian Community Council: "To improve the communities nearby and enhance the lives of the people in this region" – loomed large. Very large, indeed!

Victor is a past board member for the American Red Cross and along with Colusa Casino Resort has been a proud supporter and donor to: St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Yuba-Sutter United Way, Area High Schools, the American Red Cross, Rideout Health Foundation and the Armed Forces.

For the past 2 years, Colusa Casino, with Victor at the helm, has sponsored our Fairway to Health golf tournament sponsor party, bringing fun, merriment – lots of merriment – and appreciation to everyone who attends.

And, Colusa Casino has also hosted our Dance With Our Stars Sponsor Party and our BIG Dance With Our Stars fundraiser for the past 4 years – Colusa Casino provides the space, lights, sound, stage and staff for the big event.

The value of these two donations to the Rideout Health Foundation equate to more than $200,000 of in-kind services and goods. We HEART you Victor – and we appreciate your commitment to Rideout Health and to our community!

Spirit of Rideout Health Foundation: Nancy Kirkpatrick receiving her award

Spirit of Rideout Health Foundation: Nancy Kirkpatrick

Nancy has worked for Rideout Health for 26 years and has donated a great deal of time and money to this organization. She implemented the cancer patient discretionary fund by writing a letter to the Foundation Board and suggested starting this fund for our patients. She told us this fund could be used for gas and food cards, bus tickets, and cover other types of bills when a patient needs help.

Nancy is a patient advocate and always portrays kindness and compassion to our cancer patients. She cares about the people in our community and it shows! Nancy attends cancer related events throughout the year where she lets the public know that we have a top rate cancer center in our community. She encourages people to give to the cancer center through the Rideout Foundation. Nancy believes in the Rideout Foundation because she has seen first-hand how the money helps our cancer patients through a tough period of their life.

Some of these events include:

  • Helping Hands Bowl-A-Thon
  • Bike around the Buttes
  • Sunsweet Employee Health Fair
  • Annual Cancer Survivorship Event
  • Valley Muffler cancer center car show
  • Donates to Breast Cancer Survivor Gifts for events
  • "Worship in Pink" Breast Cancer Information Event
  • Has made contributions to the Rideout Foundation for several years.
  • Nancy is such a jewel that she donated a diamond ring to the Rideout Health Foundation

Nancy has demonstrated a kind and caring heart to cancer patients and their family members. Nancy is a giver and it shows in her work and everyday life. This attribute makes Nancy a very special person. Nancy is a person that always thinks of other people before herself. She is a jewel in our community for giving so much of her time and money to those in need.