Meet Our Dancers

Dancing Friday, August 18

Celeb., Penny Howsley, PG&E with Pro., Tim Davis, State Agency Commission.

Celeb., Jack Johnson, Teacher, Franklin Elementary with Pro., Sammy Dake, Jacque's Dance Expressions.

Celeb., Chris Mastelotto, Network Tech, Rideout with Pro., Michele Blake, Dir. Sutter County Children & Families Commission.

Celeb., Connie Morton, RN, Family Birthing Center, Rideout with Pro., Andre Licon, Deputy, Sutter County Sheriff's Office.

Celeb., Susie Stassi, Teacher, Arbuckle Elementary with Pro., Cameron Elkins, Northside Fitness.

Dancing Saturday, August 19

Celeb., Renee Bogart, Activities Coordinator, The Fountains with Pro., Breighton West, Sutter Yuba Mosquito Vector Control.

Celeb., Bal Dhillon, Super., Sutter County Office of Education with Pro., Taylor King, Training Zone/Yuba County Sheriff's Department.

Celeb., Tierni Martins, Owner, BILTEK, Inc. with Pro., Kevin Thomas, RN, Rideout.

Celeb., Margaret Murphy, Admin., Rideout Cancer Center with Pro., Dave Lopez, Director, California Dept. of Corrections.

Celeb., Francisco Reveles.,Super. Yuba County Office of Education with Pro., Meghan DeGroodt, Jacque's Dance Expressions.

Celeb., Preet Didbal, Vice Mayor, City of Yuba City with Pro., Kevin Schauer, Teacher, Andros Karperos.