History of Robotic Surgery

Understanding this form of minimally invasive surgery

Originally, open surgery required large incisions and long healing times. A great deal of pain was also associated with this sort of procedure.

Eventually, a technique called laparoscopy was developed. Laparoscopic surgery uses very small incisions through which surgical tools are inserted and used to diagnose and treat various conditions. These less invasive surgical procedures lead to quicker recovery times, less pain and decreased risk of infection.

Today, thanks to the latest evolution in surgical technology, the da Vinci robotic surgery system offers many of the benefits from both traditional open and laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons can now operate through the same tiny incisions used in laparoscopic surgery but are able to perform more complex operations that previously required traditional open surgical techniques. These complex procedures are now possible in a minimally invasive manner thanks to the high-definition cameras and wristed instruments used in robotic surgery.