Therapy Goals

Milestones to hit at the Balance & Mobility Center

Gaze stabilization:

  • Able to turn head while conversing, while walking
  • Able to brush teeth, perform household chores
  • Walk independently in hallways and malls
  • Ride in car and identify street signs
  • Safely cross busy street, shop in grocery store
  • Work on the computer

Motion provoked dizziness:

  • Sleep through the night
  • Perform reaching/bending activities
  • Dress, don shoes
  • Shower
  • Symptom-free mobility (like rolling in bed)


  • Able to walk across street in time allotted by traffic light
  • Decrease risk of falling when turning head, ambulating stairs, negotiating uneven terrain
  • Safely walk outdoors for several blocks (to reach particular destination like church, grocery store)
  • Independence with daily activities