Quadriceps-Sparing Knee Replacement

If you have severe and painful knee arthritis that’s affecting your ability to get around and live life fully, you may be a candidate for a total knee replacement.

You’ll be glad to know that surgeons at Aspire Orthopedic Institute use a minimally invasive knee replacement technique called “quadriceps sparing.” This means they are able to implant the knee joint replacement without dislocating the knee or making a large incision in the quadriceps muscle and tendon as is done in traditional surgery.

If you’re a candidate for this advanced surgical approach, you’re likely to have less postoperative pain and swelling and a faster recovery time.

What does the quadriceps-sparing knee replacement procedure involve?

During a knee replacement procedure of any kind, the damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of the knee are removed along with some soft tissue. This requires an incision to open the knee and expose the joint.

In minimally invasive knee replacement, the incision is about half as long as in traditional surgery and fewer muscles are cut and detached. Specifically, the quadriceps tendon and muscles in the front of the thigh are spared.

Benefits of quadriceps-sparing total knee replacement surgery

Because the minimally invasive approach to exposing the knee joint involves less disruption to the muscle and the joint itself, this procedure leads to:

  • Less postoperative pain
  • Faster recovery and return to regular activities
  • Less scarring
  • Less blood loss

Who’s a candidate for quadriceps-sparing total knee replacement?

This procedure isn’t appropriate for all patients who need a total knee replacement. Your surgeon will perform a thorough evaluation before determining if this approach is right for you. In general:

  • People who are younger, healthier, within the normal range of weight for their age and height, and motivated to participate in the rehabilitation process after surgery are good candidates
  • Patients who are overweight or have undergone previous knee surgeries are less suitable candidates

What is the recovery time from quadriceps-sparing total knee replacement like?

Every body is different. How quickly you recover from this procedure depends on your age, how physically active you are before surgery, and how closely you follow your prescribed physical therapy regimen before and after surgery.

Patients who maintain healthy habits and a healthy weight after surgery typically experience less pain and improved mobility—enabling them to get back to the activities they enjoyed before pain became a problem.

Want to learn more about quadriceps-sparing total knee replacement at Adventist health Orthopedic Institute?

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