Joint Replacement Surgery

If the pain and stiffness of arthritis limit everyday activities like walking, gardening or playing with your grandchildren—and conservative measures like pain medication or physical therapy don’t provide relief—you may be a candidate for joint replacement surgery.

You’ll be glad to know that the skilled orthopedic surgeons at Aspire Orthopedic Institute perform hundreds of hip, knee and ankle replacements each year with excellent outcomes—a level of experience that translates into excellent results.

The latest advances in joint replacement surgery

There have been tremendous advances in joint replacement surgery, including minimally invasive techniques that use smaller incisions, and longer-lasting artificial implants. This means a faster, less painful recovery for you.

Our orthopedic surgeons remain on the cutting edge of these advances, including:

Why surgical experience matters

Research shows that the more a surgeon performs certain procedures, the more skillful he or she becomes—and the better his or her patients do.

At Aspire Orthopedic Institute, our orthopedic surgeons have an exceptional depth of experience performing joint replacement surgery—and we have consistently excellent patient outcomes to prove it.

Experts in complex revision surgery

While today’s artificial joints are designed to last many years, sometimes infection or wear and tear will cause them to break or wear out. When a joint replacement no longer functions correctly, revision surgery is often required.

Notably, one of our orthopedic surgeons, Christopher Estes, DO, specializes in revision surgery—replacing an old implant with a new one. This is a much more complex procedure than primary joint replacement, and Dr. Estes has become a trusted resource for revision surgery in this region.

Nationally recognized for the quality of our joint replacement care

Aspire Orthopedic Institute’s holistic approach to hip and knee replacement has earned us designation as a Center of Excellence by The Joint Commission—the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care—and we are recognized by BlueCross and Blue Shield as a Blue Distinction® Center for knee and hip replacement.

Read more about our award-winning holistic approach to joint replacement care

Am I a candidate for joint replacement surgery?

You may be a candidate for knee, hip or ankle replacement surgery if:

  • Arthritis limits your everyday activities such as walking and bending
  • Pain continues when you’re resting
  • Stiffness in your knee or hip limits your ability to move or lift your leg
  • You’ve had little to no pain relief from anti-inflammatory medication or other nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy

Preparing for hip or knee replacement surgery

To help you understand what to expect from joint replacement surgery and make your recovery as smooth as possible, Aspire Orthopedic Institute offers comprehensive preoperative classes, free of charge, to patients who are scheduled for these procedures. Read more about these helpful classes.

Take the first step toward a pain-free life

Learn more about how joint replacement at Aspire Orthopedic Institute can provide significant pain relief and help you reclaim your active lifestyle.