You Know You’re Ready for Joint Surgery If …

  1. You’re not sure if that creaking is the hardwood floor or your knee.
  2. You’ve begun to build a small fort out of empty ibuprofen bottles.
  3. You refer to ibuprofen as “vitamin I.”
  4. You’re watching golf or tennis more than playing it.
  5. You drop things—and they stay dropped.
  6. An aisle seat is now a must.
  7. You’ve stopped using the lower kitchen cabinets.
  8. You don’t think of a bag of frozen peas as food.
  9. You think single-story living isn’t a bad idea.
  10. You know a storm is coming before your barometer does.

Are your knees, hips or other joints giving you more trouble than they used to? If there are items on this list that sound a little too familiar, it may be time to talk to an orthopedic specialist. Give us a call—and let us help you get back to a pain-free life and the activities you love.