MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) Injuries

Your knees are kept stable thanks to four strong bands called ligaments. One of those, the medial collateral ligament, runs along the inside of your knee. Injuries to the MCL can cause pain and reduce your ability to enjoy your favorite sports and other activities.

A blow to the outside of your knee can stretch the MCL to the point it strains or even tears. That’s why athletes, especially in contact sorts like football and hockey, are most at risk for MCL injuries.

The best outcomes for a MCL injury come from treatment, so it’s important to see a orthopedic knee specialist as soon as you experience a knee injury. Your orthopedic doctor’s exam and imaging, if necessary, are key to understanding the type and severity of your injury.

MCL treatments

Adventist Health Portland’s sports medicine team includes doctors with extensive training and experience in treating knee injuries and dislocations. They work closely with rehabilitation specialists to make sure you have a treatment program that addresses all your needs and goals.

During your first appointment, we’ll go over your history, your passions and activities, your plans and goals, and your hopes for recovery. Together we will craft a treatment plan customized for your needs.

In most cases, the MCL can heal with nonsurgical treatment like ice, rest, bracing and rehabilitation. Your doctor may also recommend medications to reduce inflammation. Less often, the MCL doesn’t heal with these methods, and your doctor may recommend surgery.

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