Adventist Health Hospital@Home

We bring the hospital to you®

We understand that most people get anxious at the thought of a hospital stay. But what if that hospital could come to you? With Adventist Health Hospital@Home, that’s exactly what we do. We set up a temporary virtual hospital unit with the latest hospital technology installed in your home. This means we can provide you and your family with the expertise, safety and care you need, when and where you want it. We’ve made this all possible because we’ve intentionally designed the program around you.

Proven outcomes. Higher patient satisfaction.

Adventist Health Hospital@Home combines two great things into one—high-quality hospital-level care with the comforts and conveniences of being in your own home. That’s why it’s no surprise to see patients more engaged and more empowered to heal quicker.
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How it works

So, what’s it like to be a patient in our virtual hospital? We come with technology, supplies and the same expert team who provides the whole-person care you’ve come to expect from our physicians, nurses and staff. Once you’re admitted, we connect you to your physician and care team through our easy-to-use mission control center app. The fact that you can stay in your home and still be 100% connected to your care team means you and your family will be more engaged in your care and recovery.
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Services traditionally provided in a hospital are provided in your home

Nurses and other clinicians provide in-person clinical services from the moment you are admitted and throughout the duration of your stay. And all the while, your health is remotely monitored through FDA-approved medical devices. Services traditionally provided by a hospital are delivered right to you, such as:

  • Access to nurses who will monitor health status, communicate with doctors and answer any medical questions
  • Daily visits, or more often if needed, from a doctor or nurse practitioner either in-person or by video visit
  • Lab services, IV medications and other equipment or therapy brought directly to the home
  • On-call service—24 hours a day, seven days a week—to respond to any urgent or immediate needs
  • Regular visits from a registered nurse to check vital signs and administer certain medications, including infusions
  • Social work oversight to coordinate care and develop a follow-up plan as needed

If you need to talk to someone on your care team, all you do is push a button and you’ll have access to our team 24/7. For more information or to download an Adventist Health Hospital@Home patient care guide.

Who benefits the most from this service?

While many patients can benefit from this program, it isn’t for everyone. Patients need to meet the criteria for inpatient care, and it’s important their home environment is safe and can accommodate this level of care.

Patients diagnosed with heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, cellulitis, asthma or a urinary tract infection typically benefit the most from this program, providing they meet all the criteria for enrollment. Adventist Health Hospital@Home also takes care of patients who are under observation by a physician at an emergency department or who might typically be admitted to the hospital.