Breastfeeding Center in Portland

Resources & support through your breastfeeding challenges

The Breastfeeding Center has experts that can help mothers with both routine and challenging breastfeeding situations. The Breastfeeding Center is located on the second floor in the Family Birth Place at Adventist Health Portland.

To speak with a lactation consultant or to make an appointment, please call (503) 251-6262.

Inpatient lactation services

  • Inpatient consults provided by international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC)
  • Maternal and infant assessment/evaluation as well as latching assistance
  • detailed education and counseling session that teaches the complexities of breastfeeding during the early postpartum period with emphasis on optimal latch technique and maximizing milk supply
  • Pump instruction and setup for moms who need to express milk in the hospital

Adventist Health has partnered with the Oregon Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition (WIC) Program to provide participants who have a medical need with hospital-grade electric breast pump loans as part of the services received as a patient in our hospital. The breast pump loans are considered a benefit of participation in the WIC program and are provided at no charge directly through the breastfeeding center.

Outpatient lactation consultation

Consultations are private and last 30-90 minutes. Mothers may invite a partner or support person to attend appointments. Consultations are available throughout all stages of breastfeeding.

Different types of visits are offered, including:

  • Weight checks before and after breastfeeding to measure appropriateness of intake and weight gain
  • Feeding evaluation to assure feeding behavior and feeding pattern at the breast is healthy and appropriate for the infant's age
  • Maternal assessment to ensure that sore nipples and/or nipple damage has not occurred — treatment plan given for sore nipple management if appropriate
  • Other concerns addressed such as engorgement, sleep and emotional state of the mother
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive continued support after leaving the hospital.
  • Assist in planning and preparation for moms that are preparing to return to work
  • Follow-up visits appropriate for moms who have been seen for breastfeeding challenges and need continued follow-up care

Prenatal consultations

A private appointment prior to a baby's birth will help mothers understand the breastfeeding process. It will also prepare mothers for a positive breastfeeding experience and address any potential concerns and/or problems before they occur.

Adoption & inducing lactation

Mothers who decide to induce lactation in preparation to breastfeed their adopted infants will find preparation advice, guidance and counseling throughout this process during these consults.