COVID-19 vaccine updates

Updated: March. 9, 2021

Like you, we look forward to making it easier for eligible people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We expect this difficulty to continue while there are more people eligible than there are vaccine doses available. Oregon Health Authority and our partner OHSU have established scheduling tools as better ways to help our patients.

Adventist Health Portland continues to support mass vaccination sites. We do not have vaccines at our clinics — and we may not for some months to come. Please continue to help us keep our clinic phone lines open for patients by checking here regularly for updates instead of calling.

Here is the best information we have at this time about getting a vaccine appointment if you are eligible.

Who is eligible

Washington residents: If you live in Washington, please visit Washington Department of Health to learn your eligibility and where to get the vaccine.

Oregon residents: Currently eligible people include:

  • Health care providers, long-term care residents.
  • Childcare workers, early learning and K–12 educators and staff. Most eligible educators and workers receive vaccines through their employers.
  • Everyone age 65 and older.

How to get the vaccine

Washington residents: Visit the state’s Department of Health public vaccination site webpage for details about where you can get a vaccine appointment.

Oregon residents: There are several ways to access appointments at this time.

Oregon Health Authority has an online tool to help you arrange for a vaccine appointment if you are eligible. To use the tool:

  • Visit
  • If you’re eligible, enter your personal information.
  • Wait to be notified your name has been drawn so you’re able to make an appointment at the Oregon Convention Center.

OHSU has a COVID Vaccine Tool help eligible people make an appointment at the Portland International Airport drive-through vaccination site (red economy lot) and at Hillsboro Stadium.

  • Go to the OHSU COVID Vaccine Tool to answer a few questions and make an appointment.
  • If there are no appointments available, check back. New appointments are opened every Monday and Thursday at 9 a.m.
  • Or call (833) 647-8222 to schedule over the phone or in another language.

Some retail pharmacies have a limited number of vaccine appointments:

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COVID-19 vaccine news to know:

  • Two COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the FDA, with more in the pipeline.
  • These vaccines are a safe and effective way to help you not get COVID-19.
  • So far, the federal government is providing the COVID-19 vaccine free of charge.
  • Wearing masks, washing hands frequently and social distancing continue to be important as we work together to end this pandemic.

Answers about the COVID-19 vaccine

We’ve collected frequently asked questions and expert answers in one place for you. These questions include:

  • When can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe despite its fast development?
  • Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?

How to stay informed about getting the COVID-19 vaccine

We continually update this page with the best information we have at the time. Please check regularly for updates by: