Faithful Service Standards of Behavior

​Faithful Service Standards of Behavior

Service is the network that links us with our customers. We are the connection between the mission and the people we serve. It is only through our behaviors that people experience the mission of this organization.
--Tom Russell, former President & CEO


I create a welcoming, healing environment for those we serve.

  • I introduce myself, position, and purpose prior to any treatment, procedure, or interaction.
  • I follow the 10/5 rule: acknowledging the person at 10 feet away with a smile, saying “hello” at 5 feet away.
  • I ensure that my tone of voice and actions demonstrate respect and understanding in all situations.
  • I remember that body language is a powerful communicator. I make eye contact, smile and demonstrate openness and friendliness.
  • I use proper phone etiquette by identifying myself and the department, followed by a pleasant greeting.
  • I respect the dignity of others. I knock before entering an office or patient room.
  • I foster a calm, healing atmosphere by keeping noise levels down and maintaining a smoke-free/fragrance-free environment.
  • I dress to reflect respect and professionalism. I am mindful of what my appearance portrays by wearing clothes that are modest, clean, neat, and appropriate for my role. I adhere to the guidelines outlined in the appearance policy. (Appearance Policy Adm 917)
  • I wear my ID badge properly, well above my waist, where it proudly communicates who I am and what I do.
  • I promote a nurturing and healing physical environment by removing clutter and ensuring cleanliness.
  • I respect religious and cultural diversity as well as those with special needs.


I accept individual responsibility and encourage others to do the same.

  • I take responsibility for my own behavior.
  • I understand and accept the responsibilities of my job.
  • I arrive to work, appointments and meetings on time and prepared.
  • I act ethically with integrity and honesty in all situations.
  • I apologize for problems or inconveniences and find solutions when necessary.
  • I am fiscally responsible by not wasting the organization’s time, resources, or equipment.
  • I avoid using communication devices (cell phones, text, internet, iPod, etc.) for personal reasons during work time.
  • I comply with Adventist Health policies related to use of email, smart phones and Internet access, including social media and blogging. (Social Networking and Media Policy AD-16-001-S)
  • I provide constructive feedback to fellow employees privately and respectfully.
  • I respectfully coach others not adhering to the Standards of Behavior, regardless of their position or department.


I take ownership and serve with passion.

  • I act as if the entire Adventist Health organization is mine, because it is.
  • I take the time to read department and organization communications (newsletters, emails, flyers, bulletins, policies, etc.) to stay informed of responsibilities, changes, and events.
  • I am a team player and work collaboratively to help others, including those outside my department.
  • I care for my own health, well-being, and emotions so that I can better care for others.
  • I am engaged in the organization, actively seeking improvement opportunities for myself and the organization.


I am a guardian of the trust and confidence that others place in us.

  • I ensure that patient and employee protected health information is treated in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations and according to Adventist Health’s policies regarding patient confidentiality and privacy.
  • I treat all patient information as confidential. I only discuss this information when necessary to meet their health needs and in a setting where privacy can be maintained.
  • I show consideration and respect, acknowledging others’ priorities, needs and privacy in addition to my own.
  • I am sensitive to the personal needs of my patients by protecting their modesty.
  • I create and promote a safe environment. I identify and address all safety issues or hazards immediately.
  • I focus on the patient’s and customer’s needs and do my part to create a positive memorable experience. I refrain from using phrases that undermine our patient’s ability to have trust and confidence in our care, such as: “We’re short staffed”; “You’re not my patient”; and “It’s not my job.”


I anticipate others’ needs and exceed their expectations.

  • I create an environment that inspires employees to serve each other with compassion, dignity, courtesy, and respect.
  • I anticipate and exceed the expectations of those I serve by appropriately use the principles of AIDET when communicating.
  • I explain processes and procedures in a way that ensures understanding by the listener.
  • I ensure that patients and customers are informed and updated about changes and delays.
  • I allow patients, customers, & guests on and off an elevator first, and reserve the service elevators for those involved with patient or equipment transport. I take the stairs when possible.
  • I help patients and customers who appear lost by escorting them to their destination. I avoid pointing and merely giving directions to the greatest extent possible.
  • I am available to assist others in the hallways and elevators. I refrain from activities that create a barrier, such as reading, eating, texting, listening to music, etc. while in the hallways and elevators.
  • I am sensitive to different cultures and offer the use of interpreter services as needed.
  • I return equipment to its proper location to ensure its availability for the next person.


I am open to change and embrace the future.

  • I embrace change by contributing and being open to new ideas and approaches. Further, I avoid using phrases like, “but that’s how we’ve always done it.”
  • I make a conscious decision to have a positive, willing, and flexible attitude each day.
  • I look beyond my assigned tasks and assist coworkers when possible.


I dare to make a difference and be exceptional.

  • I foster a culture of gratitude by providing recognition and praise generously.
  • I continually focus on the purpose of my work to guide my decisions and behaviors.
  • I use my skills, knowledge, and talent to contribute in innovative and purposeful ways.
  • I listen, reflect, and modify my behavior when needed to promote a culture of excellence.
  • I reflect the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by caring for the body, mind, and spirit of those we serve.


I support, promote, and improve my organization.

  • I continually seek opportunities for improvement, personally and organizationally.
  • I recognize every coworker as a professional with an area of expertise and speak positively about coworkers and Adventist Health to inspire the confidence of the people we serve.
  • I actively search for truth and refrain from participating in rumors or gossip.
  • I recognize and appreciate the positive impact my organization has on the community and those we serve.

I am the human expression of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through FAITHFUL Service.