Faith in Performance

Focusing on key areas where we strive to improve leads us to measure how well we are doing. Our emergency and cardiac care departments are two examples of how well we are performing in our quest to offer the best care to each of our patients.

Better, Faster Emergency Care

Patient wait time is high-quality care time, and we are the fastest emergency room in the Portland metro area, according to a report by ProPublica, an independent newsroom.

The changes to our ED process mean patients are seen by a provider within 24 minutes of arrival. Best practice is less than 30 minutes. In early 2015 it took nearly 42 minutes to be seen by a provider.

A Leader in Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Adventist Health’s Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular is increasingly recognized as a leader in comprehensive cardiac care.

Cardiovascular patients continue to report a positive experience, ranking us in the 99th percentile (up from 93rd percentile in 2015).

  • Only certified cardiac rehab on Portland’s east side.
  • Our cardiac surgery patients are in the hospital half as long as the national average (4 days instead of 8 days).
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) readiness on a 24/7 basis.
  • One of only a few Pacific Northwest facilities offering minimally invasive robotic-assisted open-heart surgery.
  • We use less post-surgical blood product than the national average, resulting in faster recoveries and fewer risks of infection.
  • 10.3 percent lower than national average for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) readmission.
  • 24.5 percent lower than national average for aortic valve repair.

A patient who had not seen a primary care physician in 10 years arrived in our emergency department in terrible abdominal pain. Alone in the world, he had to face the news that he had metastatic cancer. Our chaplain comforted him until our cancer nurse navigator, Dee Santella, arrived to help him make a plan. Dee even gave him a beautiful handmade blanket.

Our emergency physicians and a doctor in one of the Adventist Health clinics expedited a palliative care intake, working through the time-consuming process quickly. This allowed allowed one of our social workers to meet with this patient the very next day to plan his care.

From his arrival in pain to his departure in peace, knowing he was surrounded by loving care, this patient received the mission-driven whole-person care we strive to provide to every patient, every day, every time.