Quality at Adventist Medical Center

Joyce Newmyer, President and CEOImagine not just a hospital but an entire health system dedicated to your whole person, where your mind and spirit are just as important as your body. Imagine health care rooted in the healing mission of Jesus Christ, where every provider and every patient is part of our mission to provide the best and safest care.

Adventist Health did more than imagine such a system. We’ve established a top-performing hospital supported by the best in outpatient care by asking tough questions: Where can we do better? Can we do more than improve? Can we actually transform health care through innovation and collaboration?

We’ve found the answer to be a resounding “yes!” In the following pages, you’ll read about our mission-inspired and performance-driven journey to ensure Adventist Health Portland is where you’ll find care you can have faith in.

Joyce Newmyer
President and CEO
Adventist Health Portland