Faith in Whole-Person Care

Our commitment to whole-person care means we care about all of you—mind, body and spirit—in every setting, from our primary care and specialty clinics to our emergency department and hospital.

Defeating Diabetes

Our clinics help fight this leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. by:

  • Educating patients about their risk factors
  • Providing lifestyle recommendations to prevent diabetes
  • Helping diabetic patients manage their disease

Adventist Health clinics have consistently scored above the 90th percentile nationwide for helping our patients keep their long-term blood sugar (HbA1c) levels in the healthy range.

No Cath, No Cauti

One measurement of hospital quality is how many patients end up with a catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). Thanks to our new “No Cath, No CAUTI” protocols, our CAUTI rate has plummeted:

  • We no longer automatically use a catheter
  • We remove necessary catheters as soon as possible

Leader in Opioid Management

Adventist Health Medical Group’s leadership in managing opioid use has been recognized by the Oregon Medical Board (OMB). In fact, the OMB has used our clinics’ opioid policies to create its recommendations to physicians statewide.

Healing Minds and Spirits

In addition to the whole-person care provided by our physicians and counselors, our team of chaplains are on call to meet with patients with spiritual needs. These chaplains and trained volunteers offer prayer and comfort to each patient, whether they’re here for outpatient care or have been admitted or seen in our emergency department. Adventist Health also provides ongoing support programs for patients and their families.