Nursing Careers with Adventist Health in Portland

Life’s too short to just work for a living. That’s why the Adventist Health Portland team believes in forming a caring partnership that combines excellent patient care with a strong commitment to demonstrating the human expression of the healing ministry of Jesus.

Because that mission drives everything we do, choosing to work at Adventist Health Portland means you’ll be surrounded by like-minded nurses who value the opportunity to provide whole-person care that addresses each patient’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Mission-focused Excellence

Nursing Careers at Adventist Medical Center

Working in an environment where excellence is standard and quality is valued makes a difference for our nurses on a daily basis.

It’s no accident that Healthgrades ranked Adventist Medical Center one of the top 5 percent of hospitals in the nation for clinical excellence. That level of excellence comes from an organization-wide commitment to providing the highest quality care on a routine basis.

Many nurses chose this profession because they truly wanted to make a difference. Sadly, many have also found themselves stuck in environments where they can’t provide the quality of care they strive to give.

It’s different here.

At Adventist Health, you’re part of a team on a mission—and not just any mission. Our desire to provide a whole-person healing ministry to each patient means there is a goal and a mission to everything we do.

That means we depend on mission-minded nurses to carry that holistic healing to each patient every day.

A Caring Team

Being part of a caring team working together to provide the best patient care can make your daily work life easier, happier and more effective. In fact, when we’ve surveyed our employees about their satisfaction, the quality and teamwork of co-workers is one of our employees’ favorite things about working for Adventist Health.

Our hospital and the entire Adventist Health network is also committed to your personal well-being as part of our team. In fact, we sponsor a popular wellness program, LivingWell, that provides discounts and other incentives to help employees improve and maintain their health. This program is part of why Adventist Medical Center was named one of the top 100 healthiest workplaces in America.

Your well-being combined with a supportive and collaborative work environment gives you a chance to provide the kind of quality patient care you’re passionate about in any of our nursing units, from our newest patients in the Family Birth Place to our most critical patients in ICU/CVICU.

Choose Your Lifestyle

You are passionate about your work, but the rest of your life is important too. That’s why Adventist Medical Center and Adventist Health offer a full range of benefits, competitive salaries and well-supported professional development.

Our patient-centered hospital is located on the east side of Portland, Oregon. This area combines a world-class urban setting with stunning natural beauty and countless recreational opportunities.

In the City of Roses, you’re an easy drive to the sweeping beaches of the Oregon coast, the evergreen-dotted ski slopes of Mt. Hood, the expansive skies of the high desert, and the countless waterfalls and towering basalt cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge.