Employee Satisfaction

How We Engage Our Team Members in Our Mission

At Adventist Health in Portland, we recognize how important it is to have team members who are engaged in their work and are committed to modeling our mission, values and standards.

According to Gallup, “an engaged employee is involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about his or her work.” Adventist Health started a partnership with Gallup Inc. in 2014 to better understand how we can most influence and foster team member engagement.

Although measuring engagement through a survey is a good gauge of how we are doing, this is not our end goal. “The true value of the results,” says Gallup, “is in guiding discussions on how workgroups and the organization as a whole can improve engagement.”

We greatly value this team feedback as an opportunity for us to uphold our ongoing commitment to making Adventist Health in Portland the best place for team members to work, physicians to practice, patients to receive care and volunteers to serve.

Below are some highlights of our 2014 results based on valuable feedback from 87 percent of our team members. Our overall organizational scoring (grand mean) is at the 91st percentile in Gallup’s 2014 Q12 first year administration.

The measures in which we rated the highest include:

  • My supervisor/someone at work cares about me as a person: “A productive workplace is one in which people feel safe—safe enough to experiment, to challenge, to share information, to support each other, and in which team members are prepared to give the manager and the organization the ‘benefit of the doubt.’”
  • My opinions seem to count: “Team members…feel they have access to channels of communication across different levels or divisions of the organization, and their managers work to maintain those channels.
  • Mission/purpose of company: “Excellent performance occurs when people are deeply attached to a sense of purpose in their lives. This element focuses on maximizing individual and group contributions by appealing to the employees’ larger sense of purpose and mission.”
  • Co-workers committed to doing quality work: “…the degree to which an employee feels his or her team is committed to quality.

Adventist Health employees plan a wedding for their coworker.

Why Our Employees Choose Adventist Health

  • They appreciate our mission and Christian atmosphere.
  • They appreciate their co-workers and the sense of teamwork.
  • They like the work we do and enjoy interacting personally with patients.
  • They feel that this is a good place to work.