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Deborah's Story

“ A potential catastrophic event in her life turned into a true miracle. ”

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and the number-one cause of long-term severe disability. When a stroke occurs, quick access to a Comprehensive Stroke Center like Adventist Health Glendale is absolutely critical.

Deborah H., an active business professional, will tell you that the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Adventist Health Glendale is the reason why she’s healthy and thriving today.

Watch the video to see her amazing story.

Our diligent efforts and commitment to excellence are paying off for patients like Deborah. Yet, none of this would be possible without the partnership and support of our community. As a non-profit organization, contributions from people like you are the backbone of our efforts to ensure that the proper equipment, facilities and experts are in place to care for you, your loved ones and neighbors in a time of medical crisis.

Please take a moment to make a gift in support of advanced health care services at Adventist Health Glendale.

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