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Dear Colleagues and Nursing Staff

“ I was so fortunate to be a patient of Adventist Medical Center - Hanford ”

Throughout my life, I was fortunate to be healthy. I never had surgery, not even an IV placed in me as far as I could remember. As a surgeon, I have performed numerous surgeries, but never knew how it felt to be a patient, to be on the other side. Well, be careful what you wish for. I herniated my L5-S1 this past year. My first reaction was just like anyone's reaction: deny it and try to avoid it. Fortunately, pain resolved and I was able to function for a good 4 or 5 months. Suddenly, I woke up with severe pain, pain unimaginable by any standards. My right leg was almost paralyzed. I could not move or stand... At that point, I realized that I could no longer ignore this, and must have emergent surgery: a decision that was nerve-racking for anyone who never had surgery before. I was fortunate to know Dr. Anuj Varshney, who made every effort to accommodate me. I was able to have surgery by the best spine surgeon I know, with phenomenal surgery crews who I worked with on a weekly basis, and with excellent nursing care on the floor that was no less than any care in the Valley. I was so fortunate to be a patient of Adventist Medical Center - Hanford, and my family was very thankful for the care that I received here. By the way, my wife also had three surgeries here, so we were very familiar with the excellent care provided at this hospital. Our staff should be proud with the care that they provided to our patients. I was able to walk around on the same day of surgery. The very next day, I walked out of the hospital and went home. My first experience as a patient was incredible, thanks to our good surgeon, surgery crews, and the nursing staff.

I do not wish this excruciating pain and crippling condition on anyone. But if you get this condition due to any unfortunate reason, do not be afraid; we have a fine surgeon and team that are ready to take good care of you.

Your friend and patient,

Kenny Mai, MD