Rural Health

Our Rural health clinics (RHCs) provide services to publicly insured individuals and others in medically underserved communities. RHCs must be in eligible areas and meet the regulatory requirements to be certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Currently, Adventist Health has 39 RHCs and more than five new sites in the certification process, providing care in eight counties in California: Tillamook and Lincoln Counties in Oregon; and Walla Walla and Benton Counties in Washington. 

These clinics vary from small, one or two provider offices to large facilities with primary care, specialty medical services, dental, behavioral health, perinatal and other services. Our system has the largest network of rural health clinics in California (more than 10 percent of the RHCs in the state are part of the system). The Adventist Health RHC network is one of the largest in the nation, representing about one percent of the RHCs. Our RHCs provide care to approximately 192,000 individuals who mostly live in medically underserved communities.