Medical Clinics

Primary Care  

Adventist Health currently operates more than 180 physician clinics, hospital-based clinics and rural health clinics in Washington, Oregon and California.

Adventist Health Physicians Network (AHPN) is a medical foundation comprised of various physician practices. AHPN enables us to attain greater physician alignment while successfully operating in the environment of health care reform. It provides a vehicle for financial and clinical integration and consolidated managed care contracts so that our physicians are represented in applicable payer markets. AHPN promotes high quality patient care in an environment that attracts and retains outstanding physicians.

Rural health clinics (RHCs) provide services to medically underserved areas. While most of the RHCs are in California, we have clinics in Oregon and Washington as well. Adventist Health operates the largest RHC network in California and one of the largest in the nation.

Download the Adventist Health, Rural Health Clinic annual report on the following link below:

AH RHC Annual-Report 2012

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