Women's Care

Women's Services at Adventist Health Women have unique healthcare needs. Adventist Health offers a variety of services that cater to women. You'll find that our high quality care will help keep you healthy and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

From our Family Birth Place, to Specialty Rehab to our Cancer Care Coordinator, you'll find caring professionals who are eager to listen and understand the unique health needs that women face. The holistic approach offered here at Adventist Health, both in our hospital and throughout our clinics, focuses on encouraging wellness and offering the latest in medical technology to offer women the best care available.

Family Birth Place

Whether you're expecting your first baby or have been through childbirth before, you want to know you're in expert hands. Our staff is experienced in caring for you and your new baby and believes in supporting your birth choices. Our birthing suites also help ensure the most pleasant experience possible for you and your loved ones. 

Women's Surgery

Virtually Scarless Surgery

Virtually scarless surgery is performed through just one small incision and leaves virtually no visible scar. This surgery, performed by Dr. Brian Drake, offers quicker recovery and less blood loss and allows form complex surgeries including hysterectomy, treatment for endometriosis and more. Learn more about virtually scarless surgery at Adventist Medical Center.

Hysterectomy - Robotic

For some women a robotic procedure may offer a better alternative than a traditional hysterectomy. A robotic hysterectomy is the least invasive treatment option and offers numerous potential benefits including less pain, less blood loss, less scarring and a shorter hospital stay. Learn more about robotic hysterectomy at Adventist Medical Center.