Urgent Care in Portland and Sandy, OR

Sometimes you need urgent access to a doctor even though you’re not facing a life-threatening emergency. Adventist Health urgent care clinics are ready to help you get the medical help you need on a walk-in basis during extended and weekend hours.

Our urgent care teams are able to address a wide range of medical issues. They provide longer hours of service than most doctors’ offices and give you access to a lot of services beyond your initial examination.

While providing quicker access to medical care, our urgent care clinics bring the same whole-person care you’ve come to expect from Adventist Health. You’ll walk in knowing we are here for you—mind, body and spirit.

Language Services

We provide services in Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. We have translation services for other languages too.

Emergency Care

It’s important to remember that urgent care clinics are not emergency rooms. Learn more about when you should go to an emergency room instead of urgent care

Remember, you should Always dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies.