Outpatient Surgery

Adventist Medical Center has an entire wing dedicated to pre and post-op care, which includes 17 private rooms with TV, 10 monitored bays for recovery after procedures, and 2 waiting areas for family, friends and visitors. Our waiting area has wireless internet access, TV, and a separate quiet area to read or relax. We also provide complimentary hot beverages.

The Short Stay staff is trained to know your needs before and after surgery. They have the expertise to provide professional and quality care through all stages - from your preoperative through your postoperative period. We provide expert care for a wide range of patients, from pediatric to adult care.

Outpatient Surgery

Many surgical procedures can be done on an outpatient basis because of the technological advances made in the last several years. Your surgery can occur in the morning, and you can recover in the comfort and convenience of your own home later the same day.

Various general, gynecologic and orthopedic surgeries can be "laparoscopic", where a tubular endoscope is inserted through a much smaller incision than one in traditional surgical procedures. Laparoscopic surgery requires much less time in the hospital and a significantly shorter recovery time. Orthopedic surgeons trained in sports medicine perform arthroscopic surgery as well as other advanced minimally invasive (MIS) procedures.

The surgical staff will instruct you on your post-op care and answer any questions you may have before leaving the hospital. One of our registered nurses may call you with a POST-OP CALL within a few days of returning home. The RN will be checking to see how you are doing, and answer any questions you may have.

The goal of our team of professionals is for you to have an excellent experience with the best possible outcome. It is our hope that Adventist Medical Center will be your first choice if, in the future, you find yourself in need of hospital services.