Out-Patient Palliative Care

Adventist Health Homecare Services Outpatient Palliative Care is called Health Options, and is a partnership between CareOregon and Adventist Home Care Services. Our goal is to promote patient focused communication and coordination of your care between your hospital/doctors office and your home.

Members of our care team may include:

  • A nurse who specializes in home palliative care and can provide help in managing your symptoms (pain, nausea, etc). The nurse also helps you and your family to understand your disease and treatments, and how things may change in the future.
  • A medical social worker who specializes in home care, and is able to assist you in exploring resources for financial and care giving support. They also provide support and guidance for you and your family.
  • A Home Health Aid who can assist with personal care and bathing. Our Home Health Aids have much experience dealing with medically fragile people, and are experts at providing personal assistance with dignity and gentleness.

Health Options can assist with:

  • Symptom Management (acute and chronic)
  • Emotional and spiritual support for patients/families/caregivers
  • Review and update goals of care
  • Help patients/families/caregivers understand disease severity
  • Educate about disease process and typical course of progression (what to expect)
  • Advanced Care Planning/POLST completion
  • Assist in accessing community resources for financial and care-giving support
  • Educate in End-of-Life care
  • Transition to Hospice in a timely manner

Program Requirements:

  • Patients must have CareOregon insurance
  • Patient must have a chronic medical condition that is considered to be life limiting
  • Patients must reside in their home, adult foster home or residential care center in Multnomah or Clackamas counties.

Contact Out-Patient Palliative Care Services at 503-261-6075

Patients can be referred by their doctor or by CareOregon directly. We welcome questions from patients, families or direct care providers.