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Healing Environment

Aspire Orthopedic Institute - Healing EnvironmentThe Aspire Orthopedic Institute includes the 5th Floor Patient Care Unit at Adventist Medical Center, which provides a revolutionary healing environment for patients. This facility encompasses a broad vision which includes cutting edge models of patient care while incorporating innovative and inspirational design. The new unit combines treatment and recovery areas for general orthopedic procedures, spine patients and patients coming to the medical center for joint replacement.

Aspire Orthopedic Facility Features

Expanded Space - An expanded, inviting lobby space for patients and guest accommodation

Centralized Nurses Station - The centralized station will encourage a collaborative environment for surgeons, charge nurse, unit secretary, case managers and social workers.

Point of Care Nursing Support - The 5th floor features nursing alcoves designed for point of care support to patients. Patient Rooms have alcoves with workstations and storage designed to enhance patient safety: Specifically, nurses will be closer to their patients improving observation, opportunities for communication and rounding, reducing risk for patient falls; Alcove workstations also support designated storage drawers specific to each patient room for patient specific medications that are non-controlled substances, reducing risk of medication error.

The Aspire Activity Room - This large room is where joint replacement patients will have the opportunity, with their loved one, to participate in specialized therapeutic activities designed to improve their recovery and reduce their hospital stay, advancing their mobility and enhancing their quality of life. The joint replacement program concludes with a celebratory group meal for patients and their coaches honoring their achievements in the process of recovery.

Patient Milestones - Inspirational milestones have been created for patients in the Joint Replacement recovery program where each day of their recovery, their goal will be to walk with their coach and through a destination inspired program. This program features unique conceptual artwork designed to inspire patients as they recapture their mobility and quality of life. Destination imagery includes artwork featuring people enjoying everyday life activities, inspirational words and local Portland and Northwest destinations.

Patient Spa/Shower - Joint Center patients will be provided with a terrycloth spa robe and invited (with doctors orders, of course) to use our Spa/Shower. The spa shower has a rain shower head, as well as beautiful decorative tile accents and a slip-resistant rock-tile flooring for a special shower experience.

Circadian Lighting - The human body has "circadian rhythms" which interpret the environment to provide cues that help the human body chemically respond to the waking and rest cycles. The lighting system on the 5th floor is programmed to support circadian rhythms, otherwise known as "Circadian Lighting". This lighting system is programmed to brighten the unit with close to daylight colored lighting in the morning to support activity, stimulating the body's production of serotonin, to assist with waking up. In the evening, the programming dims the lighting with calming, ambient light, stimulating the production of melatonin for quiet time and rest.

Alcove Lighting - During the night hours, a small LED task light with 'warm' colored light, positioned at the alcove workstations just outside each room is activated by a user controlled switch and turns off when occupancy is no longer detected. This small light provides enough illumination for a nurse or doctor to read a chart without overwhelming the patient with light from the corridor several times each night.

LED Lighting - Most people are familiar with the movement to switch to compact fluorescent lighting, which reduces the energy consumption associated with standard lighting and also increases the lifespan of lighting bulbs over traditional filament based fixtures. LED fixtures on the unit take this a step further with lighting that is 43% more efficient that compact fluorescent lighting and has the lifespan 4x longer than a CFL (compact fluorescent light).

Unit Finishes and Artwork - The 5th floor was designed to have an energetic, spa-like environment for patients, with colors and architectural finishes meant to invigorate and inspire. Artwork features inspiring vignettes, pictures of people enjoying everyday life and healthy activities. A special metal sculpture was commissioned for the Aspire Activity Room, by artist Linda Leviton. This unique art piece features organic patterns found in nature metal pieces mounted on blocking to provide texture and dimension.

The continuum of care represented by the Aspire Orthopedic Institute includes a comprehensive patient care unit, community classes, physician services, surgical services, physical therapy and rehab.

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