Laboratory Services

Laboratory Test Directory

Where to Register

  • Registration area at the front of the hospital between 5am and 11:00pm. Monday to Friday and 7am to 11pm Holidays and weekends.
  • Emergency Department between 11:30pm and 5:00 am.

After you are registered, you can come to the Lab Department for your blood draw or other service. The Lab Department is open 24/7 to do blood draws. Outside of regular business hours there may be a wait for the blood draw while our phlebotomists take care of patients in the emergency room and critical care areas of the hospital.

Laboratory services with Adventist Health are a full service clinical laboratory serving physicians, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals throughout the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area and other communities. Our services include all routine and most special and esoteric tests. The lab is directed by board certified pathologists and medical technologist specialists, who supervise the medical and technical procedures of the laboratory. Our lab services are fully accredited and approved by the State of Oregon, Federal Government (CDC, HCFA, DEA), JCAHO, The College of American Pathologists and American Association of Blood Banks.

Response Time

The policy of Adventist Health Laboratory Services is to offer 24 hour turn around of results after receiving the specimen. Stat reports will be telephoned/faxed as soon as they become available. Any life threatening abnormality will be telephoned/faxed immediately to the requesting physician or facility.


Our prime concern at is to report patient data that reflects the accuracy and professionalism inherent in a quality clinical laboratory. We maintain high standards of quality control by participating in many national and state proficiency surveys.

We invite you to visit our facility, meet our staff, and see our commitment to providing service and reliable data.

Specimen Pick Up

Adventist Health Laboratory Services provides free specimen pickup service to all accounts throughout the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area. We offer Monday through Friday pickup service with 24 hour testing availability.

Specimen Collection Supplies

All supplies necessary for collecting and transporting specimens sent to us are furnished at no extra charge. These supplies include "Biohazard" labeled double pouch specimen transport bags to be used for all specimens sent to the laboratory.

Repeat Testing

Repeat analysis will be done at no additional charge for tests whose results appear to be inconsistent with the patient's condition. All specimens, where possible, will be kept in the laboratory for one week. This allows enough time to order additional tests on the same sample if needed.


When received, the sample is sent to the appropriate departments for testing. When final results are verified, a computer arranges them in a report. Included on the report is patient name, doctor's name, date, itemization of tests, results, and expected clinical ranges.

Professional Consultation

We welcome any inquires regarding specimen preparation, test procedures, and billing. In addition, our pathologists are available for consultation and assistance in discussing patient results.

Uninsured/Cash Pay Policy

A 25% discount is given to patients paying cash. Payment plans are also available.