Hospitalist Service

PRC Award Winner 2010

The Admission & Management (A&M) Hospitalist Service is a team of licensed, board-certified physicians who specialize in the treatment of hospitalized patients. Their experience and expertise in hospital medicine are pivotal to the timely, exceptional care provided to inpatients at Adventist Medical Center.

A&M hospitalists are available for care on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows them to closely monitor patients, follow up on tests promptly, and respond quickly if there is an emergency. They also work together with specialists, outpatient physicians, and other members of the patient care team to ensure comprehensive coverage and continuity of care. That is why more than 170 primary care providers from Adventist Health Medical Group and the surrounding community trust the care of their hospitalized patients to the Admission & Management Hospitalist Service.

Established in 1995, the A&M Hospitalist Service was one of the first hospital medicine programs in the State of Oregon. Today, the practice continues to grow. Our team of thirteen hospitalists includes board-certified internists and family medicine physicians, all trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Daily staffing consists of five day-shift physicians, one swing-shift physician, and one night-shift physician.

Our hospitalists serve on a variety of hospital committees and frequently take an active role in developing initiatives to enhance quality of care throughout the hospital. They are also committed to professional development through regular attendance at regional and national conferences and participation in continuing medical education programs.