X-ray is used to evaluate the chest, spine, skull, extremities, hips, pelvis and abdomen for suspected fractures and other indications of injury or abnormality. The images obtained most often show the affected area in two or more of the following views: front (AP), back (PA) and side (lateral).

Before Your Exam

No appointment or special preparation is required for a general x-ray examination. Patients may be asked to remove jewelry and/or clothing that interfere with the area being scanned. Gowns will be provided as needed. **Remember to inform the technologist prior to any x-ray examination if there is a possibility that you could be pregnant.

Time Required for Your Exam

X-ray exams take only 1-10 minutes to complete.

Who Performs Your X-ray

A Certified Radiologic Technologist will perform your exam.

During Your Exam

Most x-rays can be performed while you are standing, however some may require that you sit or lay down. Additionally, it may be necessary to hold your breath during certain exams.

After Your Exam

A radiologist will analyze the x-rays obtained and send a written report to your doctor, typically within 48 hours.