Agility radiation technology for cancer treatmentAdvanced Technology

Agility is next-generation, external beam radiation technology built by Elekta, a company with a long history of pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders.
External beam radiation therapy is delivered by a machine called a linear accelerator ("linac"). As they exit the machine, high energy x-rays are shaped to conform to the targeted tumor. This shaping is achieved by a multi-leaf collimator (MLC) incorporated into the head of the machine. The MLC controls the shape of the beam through the movement of many tungsten leaves to block various portions of the beam.

Patient Benefits

Agility allows sophisticated customization of the radiation beam that is directed from the linear accelerator to the treatment target. The more we can conform the shape of the beam to the tumor, the more accurate the treatment. More accurate treatment means less potential damage to surrounding tissues and lower risk of side effects. This new and innovative technology supports our delivery of complex radiation therapy with extreme accuracy and without compromising patient dose.

  • Agility's enhanced targeting capabilities support advanced techniques such as SRS, SRT, and VMAT
  • Agility allows improved treatment precision for better outcomes with reduced risk of side effects
  • Agility's increased delivery speeds help keep the time patients spend in treatment to a minimum

With Agility, we are able to achieve higher quality treatment plans across the broadest spectrum of therapies. This provides us greater flexibility in our clinical approach to patient treatment.

Agility supports our continued commitment to offer patients the most advanced and safest treatment possible.