Financial Counseling

A cancer diagnosis can introduce a great degree of financial uncertainty into the most financially stable household. Our primary interest is in assuring that you receive the care you need in a timely fashion. Still, many patients worry about the financial impact of their disease. At Adventist Medical Center, upon request, we will work proactively with you and your physician to help determine your financial responsibilities.

This effort includes:

  • Working with your physician to determine your treatment plan
  • Determining an estimate of total hospital charges
  • Working with your insurance company to determine an estimate of their coverage
  • Discussing with you any remaining personal financial responsibility
  • Evaluating any potential for financial need
  • If necessary, establishing a payment plan to assist in your financial planning

This option is currently provided for all patients receiving radiation therapy treatments. The Adventist Medical Center Patient Business Office Financial Counselors may be contacted at 503-251-6305.