A mammogram is an x-ray image of the breast that is used to screen for breast cancer. Mammograms are used to detect and diagnose breast cancer, benign tumors and cysts.

During the mammogram the breast is positioned on a flat surface as a compression panel is lowered over it (compression is necessary to produce an optimal breast x-ray). A minimum of four pictures are taken for a screening mammogram, although additional images are sometimes needed to complete the study. Our staff is dedicated to making the process as comfortable as possible for the patient which is why we use the MammoPad for all exams. This foam pad helps to properly position the breast and provides a cushion between the patient and the mammography machine.

Screening mammograms typically take 15 minutes while diagnostic exams will require additional time.

After your mammogram a radiologist will analyze the images and send a written report to your doctor, typically within 48 hours. The radiologist will contact your doctor immediately if any serious abnormality is found.

Soft Mammography Pad

Adventist Health uses soft mammography pads to decrease discomfort during the exam. A standard mammogram places the breast between two hard surfaces and compresses the breast for the x-ray. By using the soft comfort pads on every mammogram we perform we help alleviate discomfort and ease fears about the mammogram process.