Inspirational Message

God is our “Middle C”

Some years ago, a prominent choir in New York City was performing a concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  The music hall was filled to capacity for this long-expected event.  All was going well.  The choir was in top form.  The director was leading the group flawlessly through the well-rehearsed pieces that had made this choir famous.  Near the end of the program, during the most complex portion of the climax of the performance, someone opened the stage door near the pianist who was accompanying the group.  A gust of wind sent the pianist’s musical score flying across the stage. 
Attempting to recall the rest of the score from memory, the pianist continued to play, but something was wrong. In the frenzy of the moment, the pianist had inadvertently changed keys.  The choir lost its bearings in the complicated interplay of parts and stopped in dead silence.  Instantly the choir director raised a finger and pointed to the lead soprano who softly hummed a middle C, the director quickly whispered the reference point from which to start, and in a split second the well-practiced choir had continued a capella.  The pianist quickly retrieved his music and joined in.  At the end of the piece the audience applauded the group for its instant recovery from a disastrous situation.  As the audience applauded the director pointed to the lead soprano.  Her perfect pitch had saved the performance.  The single changeless note had given everyone in the group their bearings to that they could continue the piece instantly and without much fuss. 
God is like that! He is our “middle C.” When life gets chaotic and the reference points are blurred, He is our changeless reference point that we need to get through.  “Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will remain forever.”  Mark 3:3