Volunteer Stocking Shelves If you'd like to become a part of an organization with a strong mission to "demonstrate the human expression of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ," then you should definitely look into volunteering at Adventist Medical Center!

We have a large department and use volunteers throughout the hospital and within our clinics. All volunteers are expected to begin in the Escort/Transport area, where they will become familiar with the facility and our way of performing tasks. A mentor is assigned to help you learn.

Volunteers range in age from 16 to over 90 years old. We do reserve the right to accept or deny acceptance of volunteers at any time during the application process. All volunteers must speak fluent English.

Are you ready to join our team? Start by completing our online application.

Volunteer at Adventist Medical Center Our volunteers choose to be with us in order to "give back to their community" or to fill a need to be out of the house and involved in a "meaningful" way of service. Many people ask if our volunteer department helps with job placement. Although we don't have a job placement program, we feel that your experience in volunteering will reflect the type of employee you may be. Therefore we are happy to recommend our volunteers who have a consistent, timely attendance and a willing attitude and also have volunteered for the minimum 100 hrs.

The Volunteer Services department is located near the front entrance of the medical center, past the Information Desk and in the hallway on the right. Come join us!