Sustainability - Adventist Medical Center Sustainability Vision Statement

Stewardship is one of the core values of Adventist Health - Portland*. Sustainability management is one of the tools the organization employs to ensure it serves the community through responsible resource management. This is a thoughtful balance of the clinical, operational and financial impact of our actions and decisions. Sustainability supports our mission because it honors God's creation by reducing, reusing and recycling our material resources to minimize harmful impacts on our community and maximize efficient use of resources.

Furthermore, sustainability management helps ensure that Adventist Health continues to carry out its mission and provide a healthy and safe environment that protects our patients, medical staff, employees and volunteers in helping build a healthy community today and for future generations.

Adventist Health is committed to:

  • Manage, minimize, repurpose and eliminate waste throughout Adventist Health whenever possible
  • Recycle materials where possible and encourage others to do the same
  • Being accountable for our contaminated waste and will dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner
  • Seek, evaluate and implement methodologies that limit the use of non-renewable resources
  • Use pollution prevention initiatives to reduce the emissions of toxic or dangerous substances into the air, water or earth
  • Encourage our employees' use of alternative transportation
  • Seek products which meet our needs at a reasonable cost and contain recycled materials which can be recycled, reused or compostable
  • Pursue energy efficiency and conservation of water resources
  • Provide employee education about safety and environmental stewardship
  • Actively encourage our community and business partners to embrace these values and practices
  • Realization of these principles is achieved by full participation of our medical staff, employees and volunteers.

* Applies to Adventist Health in Portland, OR: Adventist Medical Center, Adventist Health Medical Group, Home Care Services