What is Quality Healthcare

The Institute of Medicine defines high-quality healthcare as that which is: "Safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable."

Quality is focus that fuels everything we do for patient safety, outcomes, satisfaction, patient-centered care, cost effectiveness, efficiency and process improvement. The patient's best interest is at the center of every decision and every improvement we make. Our goal is to always be making lasting improvements. Our daily commitment is to provide the best evidence-based care - the gold standards - for every patient, every time.

These pages are designed to show how we are doing as a hospital. In some areas, we are national leaders in patient safety and quality. In other areas, we still have some work to do. Here you will find data on our performance, and some of the steps that we have taken to ensure safe patient care.

We are committed to transparency, and an open discussion of how we are serving the community. We hope that you find these pages informative, and that they help you make better healthcare decisions.