Infection Data Comparison

Zero Patient Infections - Portland Hospital Comparison There was a time, not so very long ago, when the consensus across the nation was that hospital-acquired infections could never be reduced to zero. Most hospitals strived to keep their infection rates low. But at Adventist Medical Center, we believed that a higher goal was attainable. For example, we've accomplished our goal of ZERO infections over the past 39 months (and counting) with ventilator-associated healthcare acquired pneumonia infections.

Our approach to infection prevention and quality improvement is to create lasting positive patient centered change. Every caregiver realized that optimal care begins with their personal care to excellence. We've found that our executive level involvement is key to making changes stick. Our CEO, committed to safety, always seems to find additional ways to remind staff that the care we give each patient must be equal to what we would want for our own family member.

A recent article on discusses the drop in Oregon hospital infection rates and shows how Adventist Medical Center stacks up against other Portland hospitals.