Comments from our Community

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Honoring Dr. Janelle Guyette
As a very sick Urgent Care patient one Saturday morning, I can attest to the care and compassion with which Dr. Guyette treats her patients. An affinity for and recognition of the mind/body/spirit connection in medical care is what sets Dr. Guyette apart from other physicians I've worked with and I believe it is the biggest factor in why her departure from Family Practice still resonates with patients who miss her at Sandy Clinic. ~ Clinic Staff

Honoring Dr. Leonard Bertheau
Dr. Bertheau is truly doing God's work. Not only does he tend to all my health issues he is encouraging to my emotional well being. In closing, Dr. B. is the physician people dream of having, but I actually do! ~A Patient

Honoring Dr. Shugang Ge
He is our good doctor and is a special helper for those Chinese who don't know English, too. ~ A Patient

Honoring Dr. Peter Bernier
Dr. Bernier, ever the dynamic, high-energy physician, was revered by his patients for his focus on prevention and screening for early detection of preventable conditions. I was always impressed at how many of his patients considered him their friend - I think that speaks volumes on their positive, memorable experiences with Dr. Bernier as their physician. ~ Clinic Staff

In Honor Of Dr. Sherri Rutherford
Sherri is the most loving and compassionate doctor I have ever met in my life. The patient always comes first with her. I honor her with love and blessings. ~ A Patient

In Honor of Dr. Gerald Schoepflin
Helped me tolerate pain and rheumatoid arthritis. ~ A Patient

Honoring Dr. Carma Lee
Dr. Lee has been working at Sandy Urgent Care over the last several months. Her bright spirit and kindness shine God's light into that clinic every day that she is there. Dr. Lee has been the provider on duty during several of our busiest days to date. She has provided every patient she has seen with a high level of care and kindness with a joy in her heart that is palpable. I believe that Dr. Lee is also someone who was put on this earth to be a physician. ~ Clinic Staff

In Honor of Dr. E. Daniel Crawford
God bless your work in and out of the clinic. The world needs doctors like you. ~ A Patient

Honoring Dr. Ryan Williams
Dr. Ryan Williams joined both the Sandy Clinic and the Hoodland Clinic a year and a half ago, right out of residency. It has been a joy to watch Dr. Williams grow in her practice and hit her stride. Dr. Williams has been described as kind and understanding. She also has the ability to exude joy. I love hearing her interact with children, as there is usually laughter involved - something that might be considered unusual from children in a medical clinic! Dr. Williams' holistic approach and desire to help patients achieve well-being and good health has endeared her to a community of patients at both clinics. ~ Clinic Staff

In Honor of Dr. Arnold Peterson

You are so attentive and caring - a true Christian physician with healing hands and mind. Thank you and God bless! ~ A Patient

In Honor of Dr. Arthur Gaskell
He does patient care with skill, care, and Jesus' love. Thanks! ~ A Patient

In Honor of Dr. Mark Moroye
He gives quality care. After listening carefully he gives good answers for our physical needs. Thank you for your care. ~ A Patient