RN Residency Program

Adventist Medical Center is committed to the successful on-boarding and orientation of new RN graduates. To ensure success, AMC is partnering with Versant® to offer the RN Residency Program. The RN Residency Program includes guided clinical experience with a preceptor, education and curriculum, a supportive component composed on formal mentoring and debriefing/self-care sessions, and a 360-degree evaluation and measurement process.

Through the collaboration of staff with varied qualities and specialties including engaged preceptor, nurse advocate, educators, mentors and unit leaders you are provided with the guidance required for success. Our team is a partner in your future and supports you both professionally and emotionally through your development from novice to competent clinical team member.

About the Residency Program

The next Versant® RN Residency application period will be open April 20th through May 1st, 2015. Please visit our Job Search page to apply.

For further questions, please email us.