Physical Therapy

Illness, injury, surgery, or simply getting older can create problems with muscle strength, joint mobility and/or pain and other factors that may keep you from doing the things you love to do and taking part in the activities you enjoy.

St. Helena Therapy Services can help you create a customized plan to get you back to enjoying the life you love. Our therapists and other staff members will work with you to reach your rehabilitation goals. It’s a process that starts with a thorough diagnosis. We evaluate your functional ability, mobile ability and your quality of life. This evaluation may include measuring your range of motion of your joints and the strength of your muscles, palpation of soft tissues (manual inspection of skin, joints and other tissue), a neurological evaluation, a pain assessment, and an evaluation of your daily activities and how they are affected by your condition.

Following the evaluation, our therapists will analyze your test results, and provide you and your doctor with a recommended care plan. Together, we work with you to establish reasonable steps we can take to help achieve your goals. Throughout the course of your therapy, we seek out ways we can support you and help you to achieve optimum strength and mobility.