Lifeline Medical Alarm Service from St. Helena Hospital

St. Helena Hospital is pleased to provide members of Napa Valley's senior community with America's most trusted medical alert service. For more than 30 years Lifeline has enabled millions of people to live with greater independence, peace of mind and dignity in the place they feel most comfortable - their own homes.
Because the Lifeline service also helps family caregivers to balance the needs of their loved ones with the demands of their own busy lives, Lifeline is of immense benefit to them as well. If you have any questions, would like to talk about your particular needs or are ready to begin service, we welcome your call at 707.963.6472. Please mention Program Code CA109.
Lifeline is your personal help button. If you or a member of your family lives alone and might have limitations in calling for help, lifeline might be right for you. The medical alert device can be carried with you or worn as a necklace or wristband. If you ever need help because you’ve taken a bad fall and need assistance, simply push the button and a specially trained associate will answer your call and assess the situation.
If you have the AutoAlert® Lifeline device, the device has a built in mechanism that can detect falls for you and call help even if you are unable to push the button.
Depending on the assessment of the situation, the associate will contact a friend or family member to assist you or contact emergency services immediately.
To learn more, please call us at  707.963.6472.