Medical Records

During your stay at St. Helena Hospital Napa Valley, we keep detailed records of every aspect of your care. Your medical record includes your medical history, the results of examinations, X-rays and laboratory tests, diagnoses, and treatment plans.

We use state-of-the-art computer software to guard the security of your private health information and enable only authorized caregivers to securely access information necessary for your care.

You may request a copy of your medical records by downloading the Authorization to Release Medical Information form. Please specify which portion of the medical record you need, and fax the completed form to the Health Information Management Department.

St. Helena Hospital Napa Valley Medical Release Form English

St.Helena Hospital Napa Valley Medical Release Form Spanish 

Please fax the completed form to the attention of the Health Information Management Department:

St. Helena Napa Valley Fax: 707.967.5625

St. Helena Center for Behavioral Health: 707.642.3641

If you have questions about the release of personal health information, please contact Health Information Management:

St. Helena Napa Valley Phone: 707.963.6528

St. Helena Center for Behavioral Health: 707.649.4046

View Your Medical Record Online


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