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Join the Journey with Us. Inspire Health, Wholeness and Hope.

It is an exciting time to assist in advancing the role of philanthropy in healthcare. We understand the importance of your philanthropic expression aligning with what you are passionate about. Philanthropy can substantially enhance our healthcare programs and services; in some cases, it can be the basis for the actual existence of a program or service. Join in partnership with us.

How your generosity can help

Blue Zones Project

The underlying principle of Blue Zones is to build community resilience through environmental and social change. The beauty of the model is that it is a bottom-up approach whereby the community decides what projects to implement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health disparities have been magnified. Blue Zones will be Mendocino County’s first county-wide project whereby voices of marginalized populations will be central to the development of strategies that advance equity in our rural community.

Blue Zones is the resilience-building solution that Adventist Health is extending to the communities we serve. We also recognize there are very specific urgent community health needs, such as high substance use rates, suicides, domestic abuse (intimate partner violence) and child neglect and abuse. These critical issues require targeted interventions and support services.

Cancer Services

Approximately 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes, according to the American Cancer Society.

At Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, our state-of-the-art Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center is designed to treat the whole patient, not just the disease. The center offers a wide range of cancer treatments, including the most advanced IV infusion therapies. These modern solutions help patients get the medications they need faster and without as much collateral damage to other tissues.

Philanthropy plays a critical role in fighting cancer. Contributions to Adventist Health Foundation in Mendocino County help funds patient navigators, wellness outreach programs, clinical programs for underserved patients and equipment, as well as new technologies and treatments. You can help make life better for a cancer patient, spread awareness, or contribute to our patients’ overall healing.

Nursing Education

Expanding and enhancing nursing excellence will assure the continuation of outstanding and innovative patient care through the professional practice of nursing.

Our donors recognize nursing as the cornerstone of quality healthcare, and their generous gifts, large and small, make nursing excellence possible through continuing education, research, professional development and much more. Your philanthropic investment will support a wide range of nursing initiatives resulting in improved practices and better patient care.

Pastoral Care

Gifts support the work of hospital chaplains who tend to patients’ emotional and spiritual needs through individual contacts and worship services.

Vulnerable Populations Initiative – Community Well Being

Behavioral Health

Everyone needs a little help now and then. That’s where you come in. Behavioral Health Services at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, which serves as the safety net provider for behavioral health services in the county, addresses our community mental health and substance abuse needs. By funding behavioral health programs, philanthropy continues to make a tremendous impact.

Mobile Health Clinic

Supporting our Mobile Health Clinic allows our clinicians to expand their geographic reach by providing services to agricultural workers, mobile home parks, senior living communities and the outlying regions of our large county. Access to primary care continues to be a barrier in our community. We are working to reduce barriers within our facilities, and we know transportation, language and access are major barriers. Serving as transitional care for patients without an established source of primary health care, the mobile health team will offer COVID-19 testing and vaccinations services, as well as other ambulatory/non-emergency services, including:

  • Standard health assessments (height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, etc.);
  • Point-of-care testing with laboratory capabilities (hemoglobin, glucose, lipid panel/cholesterol, liver function, HgA1c);
  • Health screenings and education counseling services, with referrals for follow-up at AHMC or other Adventist Health locations as needed;
  • Patients with no insurance coverage will be identified and mobile health staff will assist with the initiation of enrollment into Medi-Cal and/or other health coverage programs for which they are eligible

Safe Sobering

Currently, sobering options include our emergency departments or the County Jail. What we know is that providing a safe place to detox with specially trained staff is a critical intervention that can put an individual on a trajectory for treatment and recovery. Within the substance use disorder treatment ecosystem in Mendocino County, this is an urgent need.

Street Medicine

The Adventist Health Ukiah Valley COMPASS (Community Outreach Medical Patient Advocacy and Social Solutions) Street Medicine team lives our hospital’s mission every day. We take preventative and urgent care medicine to our most vulnerable community members—our community’s homeless population.

Our remarkable multi-disciplinary team treats patients for medical, behavioral health and substance use issues such as diabetes, infections and acute wound care and addresses social determinants of health. They also perform general health checks and health education through "backpack medicine" clinics and clinics overseen by the Family Medicine Residency Program physicians at our community's homeless shelter.

The benefits of the Adventist Health Ukiah Valley COMPASS Street Medicine program are not only to the individuals we serve, but to the greater community as well. Without this program, many of our homeless community members report that they would either visit the emergency department for non-urgent problems, or not seek medical care at all. Using the emergency department as a primary care option is not only costly for the hospital, but it also takes away from the number of beds that are open for patients with actual emergencies. If a patient does not seek medical attention, it can exacerbate treatable medical problems and risks turning what could have been an easy treatment, into a life-threatening condition.

Women & Children

At Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, we take special care of our expecting moms, their precious babies and families. From prenatal care to delivery, postpartum to newborn care, we have all the experts caring for women and babies during this special time. As the only hospital in Mendocino County that delivers babies, safety is always our number one priority. Mothers experiencing a high-risk pregnancy can have confidence they are receiving the best care.

For babies that have additional needs in the first few days, our Family Birth Center has a special care nursery that is equipped to welcome babies as early as 34 weeks and staffed by experienced pediatricians and nurses with advanced training in neonatal care.

Philanthropy plays a significant role in supporting vital programs and services, such as specialized medical equipment for neonatal care and providing patient and family resources like car seats to families in need.

Mendocino Coast Imaging Campaign

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes it’s a lifesaver. Adventist Health Mendocino Coast’s current MRI scanner is a model that was released in 2004 and put into service in 2011. There have been significant advancements in MRI technology that will benefit over 1,700 patients each year that are diverted to other medical centers outside the area due to the current MRI service limitations such as:

  • Substandard image quality – to the point that abdominal and pelvic exams are deemed undiagnostic.
  • Small bore size of the scanning compartment
  • Prolonged scanning time
  • Outdated software, which is particularly problematic when scanning patients with implants
  • Frequent MRI “down-time” due to chiller failure

Greatest Need Fund

Our Greatest Need Fund is transformative. Gifts to this fund are unrestricted and are used to help wherever the need is greatest, supporting a diverse range of important healthcare projects. In the past, funds have helped purchase state-of-the-art equipment and technology, made renovation projects possible and supported community projects like our Street Medicine program. Gifts to our Greatest Need Fund allows our foundation and hospital to respond quickly to our community's most pressing healthcare needs.

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