Wellness Coach (Outpatient)

Develops wellness plans and provides support, motivation and education to patients. Promotes health and wellness by reducing preventable visits to the emergency room and hospital. Educates and assists patients in adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Function: Clinical Care
Family: Wellness & Exercise Physiology
Level: Practitioner/Therapist/Technologist
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Minimum Education
Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science or equivalent (some certifications will require Bachelor’s): Required Master's Degree: Preferred
Required Licenses
Medical Assistants
Medical Assistant (MA) certification: Preferred
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or Basic Life Support (BLS) certification: Preferred
Refer to the Required Licenses and Certifications list for additional job and/or unit specific requirements.
Required Skills
Refer to Job Analysis #02A for details regarding additional ability requirements.
Adheres to the Adventist Health Mission, Vision and Values statements. Complies with behavioral standards, policies, procedures and handbooks established by the organization and their respective ministries. Abides by the guiding principles of the Code of Conduct.
Contacts eligible members to provide coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, homelessness, non-compliance with follow-up care, or morbid obesity.
Encourages adoption of health habits and assists the patient in developing and implementing goals with plans based on interview, screening and assessment data, and plans that help lead toward healthy lifestyle and behavior changes.
Revisits goals with clients and recognizes achievements, challenges, and barriers in order to maintain and progress program participation, motivation, and success. Assists with researching, preparing, and participating in health-related wellness education/seminars.
Performs other job-related duties as assigned