Office Visit

What can I expect when I arrive for my appointment in terms of COVID-19 protective measures?

You will be screened for symptoms and your temperature will be taken upon entry. You will be asked to sanitize your hands and wear a mask.

Can I wait inside my car when I arrive for the office visit, or do I have to come inside to check in? If so, what safety measures are in place for check-in?

Yes, you can call upon arrival and let us know when you are here. If you are a new patient, new patient paperwork can be done in the exam room.

Follow-Up patients can call and be put into a room upon arrival.

Can my insurance coverage be confirmed before I check in by telephone or computer? Or do I have to meet a staff member on-site?

Yes, as long as we have your correct and current insurance information, eligibility is done prior to appointment .

You would have to meet a staff member on-site if there are changes to your insurance that has not been relayed to our staff.

Will I be with others in the waiting room, or will I be kept in a room away from other patients?

There may be a few patients socially distanced and masked in the waiting room. You may wait in your car if that will make you feel safer and we can call you when we are ready to put you in the exam room.

Do I need to wear a mask? Will all other patients and staff at the specialist’s office wear masks?

Yes, you will be asked to wear a provided mask (masks from home are not allowed). All other patients and staff will be wearing masks.

Will I ride in an elevator?

For your appointment, we are located on the first floor and there is no elevator ride.

Will there be physical barriers, such as glass or plexiglass, between staff whom I am speaking with? If not, will they be six feet away?

Yes, office staff will be wearing correct PPE, and a six-foot space is available.

Before procedure

Will I be tested for COVID-19 and have my temperature taken before my operation?

All patients will be tested for COVID-19 a day or so prior to their operation. Temperatures and symptom screening will be done on the day of surgery.

Will I be taken into other areas of the facility for testing or exams before the operation begins?

You will go directly to the pre- operative area of the hospital upon arrival.

Who are the people I can expect to interact with at the facility?

You will have interaction with your surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist, and technicians. Staff are practiced in wearing PPE and this should not hinder the care you receive.

Are the staff members I encounter also treating patients who have COVID-19?

Any patients with COVID are cared for separately from non COVID patients and are being treated in separated areas of the hospital.

Operating personnel are not taking care of COVID patients unless they need a surgery.

Will I be close to others if I walk through the hallways or other common areas? If so, what safety measures are in place?

Every effort is being made to ensure that we schedule patients so there is as little interaction as possible and a 6 ft. distance can be accommodated. If, at some point, you do encounter someone the hospital has mandated that masks be worn in hallway and common areas at all times.

The operating room

How has the facility determined it is safe to begin scheduling operations?

Our responsibility to treat patients in a safe manner is our top concern. We have followed the guidelines set by the state of California to provide our patients a safe environment for surgeries.

Does the facility have enough personal protective equipment for staff?

Yes! Each of our staff will be following proper PPE protocols.

After the operation

How will I receive food, if I stay overnight? How is the food prepared?

Food will be delivered to your room on a tray. Food trays, as well as utensils, have been sterilized with food-safe guidelines.

Food is prepared by our staff who are wearing correct PPE for their position. The personnel who handle food preparation have a completed Servesafe certification for their food-handling permit.

As I recover, will having this procedure put me at a higher risk of getting COVID-19?

In general, surgeries put us at risk for compromised immune systems to some degree. This is why it is very important to practice social distancing and wear your mask when in public. It may be advised for you to self-isolate during your recovery.

Will the presence of COVID-19 in my community change how long I stay in the facility?

No, you will be discharged per your physician's orders, when it is safe for you to go home.

Can I have visitors while I recover?

At this time, the hospital has a very strict visitation policy and are not allowing visitation for general surgery patients. This is in compliance with the county public health orders for visitation.

Off-site care

Are telehealth visits or phone calls with a member of my care team an option for me before and after my operation?

Yes, we are able to accommodate telehealth and phone call appointments.